10 Helpful Social Media Tools

Here are 10 helpful tools that should allow you to be more efficient online.

  1. WooBox.com – WooBox.com is a Facebook brand page app service that provides a host of free and paid apps.
  2. Piktochart.com – This is free and paid infographic and presentation tool for non-designers. 
  3. PicMonkey.comPikMonkey is a free online picture editor.
  4. LiveTweetApp.com. This is a live-tweet wall tool that you can use for events and conferences. 
  5. Tagboard.com Tagboard tracks hashtags across all major platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Vine, and Google+) so you can see where these hashtags are being used.
  6. Feedspot.com. Feedspot is a new RSS reader that allows you to pick and follow blogs based on your interests and then it makes suggestions based on your activity.
  7. Picozu.com. An online drawing and photo-retouching application. 
  8. Dominder.com If you own a lot of domain names this tool should help. It is a reminder service for your domain names, so you won’t miss any re-registration dates.
  9. Zeen.comAnother image-generation tool that enables you to create shareable, poster-style pieces of content. 
  10. Youtube.videodeck.net. If you are familiar with Tweetdeck, essentially this is the same tool, but for YouTube. This tool allows you to follow your favorite subscriptions and content with an online dashboard. 

7 Google Tools for Small Businesses

This just in… Google Ad Planner is out and Google Display Planner is in!

7 Google Tools for Small Businesses

While a Google AdWords campaign may not be necessary for all small businesses, having an account provides you with online marketing insights and can help drive SEO. Utilizing the tools above companies can find and analyze ranking data to help drive online results.

Happy Google-ing!