9 Click Worthy Tips

  1. Call To Actions – Use these! CTA’s answer: “What’s in it for the subscriber?”
  2. Personalize the click – This is targeting at its finest and can make a huge difference on encouraging participation.
  3. Provide multiple places to include offers – This helps increase conversion rates. Examples in eMarketing include the first paragraph, sidebar and closing sentiments.
  4. Over-communicate what you want your readers/subscribers to do – Don’t leave it to chance, explicitly state what action you want your readers to do.
  5. Make your Call To Actions visible – Basically don’t hide your CTA’s, especially behind images.
  6. Remember important dates – People always like when you remember their birthdays. Triggered emails and a detailed database can help, which also helps with #2.
  7. Know your audience – Engage your audience through effective segmentation and re-engage with special offers. When in doubt, just ask your audience what they want.
  8. Give people a reason to click – Find the appropriate balance between content and design.
  9. Create triggered and sequential campaigns – Delivera stated that sequential emails, over a set period of time, have the highest click through rates and can help engage post-purchase behaviour.