Too Expensive? Here are 10 Affordable Marketing Tactics

Marketing, advertising and promotion are a critical to business success. It is also a crucial link to your customers. Instead of avoiding or cancelling these tactics, you can try and implement some cost saving tactics to increase brand awareness. Here are 10 affordable marketing tactics to consider implementing:

  1.  Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Foursquare, etc.)
  2. Content Marketing and Lead Generation (Blogging and Email Marketing/eNewsletters)
  3. Promotional events (Competitions with prizes that media can attend)
  4. Public Relations (Write content about what your business is doing)
  5. Press Release or Article (Submit it with a small ad to local newspapers and media)
  6. Guest Hosting (Contact local radio/TV outlets and offer to do free interviews or consults)
  7. Hijack (Listen to media shows or online conversations and jump in with your comments)
  8. Community Involvement (Volunteer to provide presentations at local community groups)
  9. Be Charitable (Only do this if you believe and want to be involved in a local cause)
  10. Networking (Get out there and mingle!)











Too Expensive? Here are 10 Affordable Marketing Tactics

LinkedIn Recommendations

1.       Update your photo

LinkedIn is increasing focus on you profile photo. This means you need to have a photo, and a professional, likable one at that.  

2.       Refresh your summary

The summary section is the place to discuss your biggest accomplishments. It is also important to note that the summary section is much more prominent. If you haven’t filled out a summary yet, write one. If you wrote one last year, update it. Because of the reduced size of the top box, your summary is now above the fold; thus more important, especially the first few sentences.

3.       Work on your headline

Because the amount of information in your top box has been reduced, the remaining information is more important than ever, including your headline. The 120-character headline is one of the best spots on your profile to explain you and your brand. If the job title is relevant, include it in the headline.

4.       Eliminate the 2012/2011 ‘buzzwords’

According to LinkedIn they are: creative, organizational, effective, extensive experience, track record, motivated, innovative, problem solving, communication skills, dynamic. Also avoid: results oriented, team player, self-starter, multitasking.

5.       Showcase your latest volunteering experience

Demonstrate and document your personal side. What you do out of the office says a lot and employers or work connections can get a sense of you as a person by reading about how you spend your time. Update your volunteer info with new information.

6.       Strengthen your skills list

The Skills section is new and one of the great ways to provide on overview of the skills you poses. These can be professional and directly related to your current job, or from volunteering positions.

7.       Try an endorsement

To go along with Skills, LinkedIn has added a new feature called Endorsements. Give some endorsements and see who’s endorsed you (those faces by your skills).

8.       List all your jobs and skills

One of the ways you are found is through searches on company names or schools.  If you are only listing your current company and/or not even displaying your college, you are missing out on potentially being found.  For every job listed, you definitely need a job description.  Job descriptions provide you with the opportunity to describe your work experience and add keywords.

9.       Get a new recommendation

Lists of recommendations that span months or even years are impressive. A recommendation from executives in your industry or at your company is the best.

10.   Treat “contact information” like a business card

All your contact information is now summarized, nicely, in the top box and opens after a person clicks the Contact Info tab right next to the picture of the index card. Be sure to include all the ways you want people to contact you by: websites, Twitter, email, phone, IM, and your address.  

11.   Consider that website addresses are harder to find

The websites included on your profile (you can list up to three) have been moved to the Contact Info section and as a result you may want to mention your website(s) in your summary and/or job descriptions. Creating a company LinkedIn page can also help.  LinkedIn gives you the ability to list three websites on your profile – take advantage of this. Do you have a Twitter profile or another social media profile that you want to advertise, a company website, or a blog?

12.   Own and run a company? Start a LinkedIn company page

Company pages are a great way to promote your business and reach out to the professional networks on LinkedIn. Learn more here.

13.   Clean out your old groups and add new ones

Groups can be one of the best ways to expand your network. Having a group in common gives you a good way to break the ice with helpful professional contacts.

14.   Follow companies

LinkedIn rolled out company pages in 2012 and you can follow you favorite companies now. When you follow a company on LinkedIn, you can learn about job openings and become seen by commenting on news in the company’s activity stream.

15.   Want to advertise to professionals? LinkedIn Ads may be for you!

LinkedIn also offers various online advertising through LinkedIn. Benefit from targeting a specific audience, controlling your spend and reaching professionals. Click here for more information.