5 Tips for a Killer Start-up Name


It’s simple – a great name says it all. Better yet, a killer company name doesn’t just sound right it exemplifies the company. What you call a new start-up can be one of the most important decisions you will make in the early days. The business name dictates web domains, trademarks and is the first step to developing your brand identity. Here are 6 tips to keep top of mind.

1. Be unique.

This means you need to watch out for sound-alike companies. If customer can’t Google your name and find you, your leads will never amount to much. Also, if another company has a similar name people may very easily type that domain into their browser and find the wrong brand.

2. Let the name tell your story.

This may not be completely necessary, but this can easily help with branding, advertising and generating buzz.

3. Make it personal.

Think of it this way, the company name is your handshake when you meet someone. It is personal and is an extension of the passion and drive it took to create the company. Having a personal name can help make the company memorable and relatable.  

4. Being practical is overrated.

The name needs to do more than just describe your product. Some companies use a name that says exactly what is does, but it’s important to find a creative and effective balance. The name, just like the company, needs to be bigger than itself.

5. Aha! That’s it!

Make sure you love the name and wait until you feel that the name is completely right! You will get a gut feeling when the company name fits the feel of the start-up. Be sure to brainstorm a long list of names, and say them out loud – trust me you will be saying it a lot in the future.