8 Steps to Creating your Content Marketing Strategy

You need to have to have a well-strategized approach to the creation and distribution of valuable and relevant content to your target audience. Insert your content marketing strategy. Write it. Actually create a plan. Content marketers who document their strategy are more effective in nearly all areas of content marketing.

As content channels grow, so does the importance of creating a content marketing strategy. It’s pretty simple.

More Channels = More Opportunity = More Content = More Effort = More Complexity

This increased complexity requires not only experienced content strategists but also a well-documented plan for marketing teams to communicate and follow.

Follow these 8 steps when creating your content marketing strategy and repeat.

1. Research 

Research your competitors, target audiences, and overall industry. This will allow you to determine your unique value proposition and what differentiates you.

  • Determine your top three differentiators or competitive advantages
  • Conduct some general industry research
  • Know your customer demographics and preferences
    • This will help you create personas that you can draft content and marketing

2. Define 

Using the research you collected above you should define your target audience and create a customer profile using demographics as well as psychographics. You’ll find you may have multiple customer profiles and therefore multiple messages and strategies within an overarching strategy.

3. Be Unique 

Create unique content for your target audience. These stories should engage and provide value that is unique to your brand, service, or company. If you don’t provide value or standout, than no one will listen. Be sure to do the work in advance to build the foundation for a successful content marketing strategy.

4. Include Creative  

Combine strategy and creative to support your content with creative for all mediums (print, digital, social, direct mail, PR, event, tradeshow, etc.).

5. Multi-Channel Promotion 

Content marketing is an expected strategy now. The content that you promote should be distributed throughout multiple channels and promoted. An integrated strategy is key to success and require constant management. See which channels help support your content to increase results and continually optimize.

6. Engage

Create a conversation that is engaging and provides value. If your content begins a conversation, than the content is engaging. Why would they spend time with it? Because it holds value for them.

7. Measure

Measurement is key for knowing what to replicate in the future and what to change. While, creating brand awareness is often not measurable, but it pays dividends down the road. Luckily, when producing digital content, you will be able to track the success of your content.

8. Review

Take the time to review so you can duplicate successes and avoid mistakes. It will help you to optimize your content marketing strategy.

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