16 Webinar Tips For Your Business

Webinars are a great tool for your business to utilize. This digital platform can help build your reputation as a thought leader within your industry. Webinars can assist with lead generation, nurturing and the ability to share your expertise.

Here are 16 tips to help you plan and launch a successful webinar:

  1. Choose an interesting and engaging topic.
  2. Target a large, broad audience.
  3. Establish a reputation as a reliable thought leader.
  4. Set a goal for registrations.
  5. Pick the right prize.
  6. Consider giveaways.
  7. Schedule, schedule, schedule.
  8. Create an interactive, engaging and instructed landing page.
  9. Follow up with registrants.
  10. Make sure your reminder emails add value.
  11. Use social media to increase registrants and as a live day-of feed.
  12. Leverage your presenters as an advertising platform.
  13. Use the webinar to create a variety of content pieces (especially blogs).
  14. Embrace paid media (offline and online).
  15. Forge partnerships with other brands and thought leaders.
  16. Leverage your home page.

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