Marketing Strategy 101

While most companies may have a document or presentation labelled marketing strategy, they probably missed the mark. Here are some helpful tips on creating a proper marketing strategy and avoiding a few common mistakes.

Create a strategy not a goal

“We want to be number one or two in the market” is a goal not a strategy. Goals can help inspire a company, but a strategy is how you plan to accomplish it. Ultimately, strategy is about making choices. It is also about outlining who is your ideal customer, what are you going to sell and how are you going to deliver a unique value proposition.

Don’t keep strategy a secret

All employees (or at least managers and decision makers) should be aware of and be able to explain your marketing strategy. The strategy should be a coherent plan that outlines the unique value proposition and how you will target the correct group of customers. A successful strategy helps to change and drive an organization. If no one knows what the strategy is, than it won’t influence action or change in your company.

Strategy is a new plan

When creating a new strategy, it can be easy for companies to build off of what they have done in the past. Just because you’re doing it doesn’t make it a strategy. If you have a consistent plan that delivers consistent results, this could be a strategy, but I would recommend building on it. 


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