7 Ingredients for a Valuable Brand

You know your favorite bands. What makes them memorable or valuable? How does using their products or services make you feel? Did they build an emotional connection to make you loyal? Every company should strive to create a compelling brand even before they concentrate on making a sale. Here are 7 key points to consider when creating a brand that people connect with emotionally.

1.       Clarity

Be clear on how users will benefit from your company and its products and services. Use compelling and interesting language and tell them what’s in it for them.

2.       Exceptional Value

Every time you interact with your customers or prospects should provide them with exceptional value. Provide free resources or content marketing is a great example of this.

3.       Emotional Connection

This should be intentional and coordinated. Customers and prospects should know exactly how their experience with you should play out. This is because your company has been intentional about how it interacts with customers at every level.  Ultimately, you need to decide and execute on the type of emotional connection you want customers to resonate with your brand.

4.       Watch for Competition

Keeping an eye on the competition is important for any company. Not all competition is easy to find or keep tabs on. New competitors can pop up at any time – you have been warned. If you have created something brand new, you’ve got to look over your shoulder to protect your first to market advantage. Establishing a valuable brand at this point is critical. Also, be mindful of invisible competition resulting from customers who don’t trust a brand enough to commit to it. Using the proper messaging and communication tactics will help assure people you have what they need.

5.       Relevance

Market research and communication with your brand advocates can definitely assist with this. In addition to making sure your products or services are right for the times, you need to make sure you, your team and your brand continue to grow.

6.       Confidence

Confidence is a key element in success. It’s very important as a professional brand to demonstrate and exude a sense of control and power until it becomes really organic and integral (e.g. think Coca-Cola).

7.       Be Philanthropic

This is how you brand can demonstrate its personality and make a difference. Your brand can get involved in a charity/not-for-profit that compliments your business and brand. Dawn, Tide and Target are great examples of brands being philanthropic.

Ultimately, your brand reputation is all you’ve got – use it. 


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