10 Small Business Apps

The world has gone mobile and so should small businesses. Embrace it.  Small business owners can benefit greatly from many apps that are available today. Just to let you know I swear by the 1st two apps.

Below are 10 apps that will help make your small business grow:

1.       Dropbox

The best way to store and backup your files. You place your most important files in a directory on your computer and can then directly access them with your laptop, tablet and phone. The file is actually located in your device, so you don’t need an Internet connection to work on it.

You can upload files to the cloud and edit them from any device (Mac, PCs, tablets and smartphones). You can control access to the uploaded documents and can undelete files you’ve removed accidentally. Users can view, download and upload your files securely from any web browser as well as dragging, dropping and sharing items directly from your computer. Free Dropbox comes with 2 GB, but you can earn additional storage (up to 18 GB) through Dropbox’s referral program or upgrade to 100GB ($9.99/month) or 500 GB ($49.99/month).

2.       Evernote

You can save all the information you want on Evernote. This includes webpages (text, images and links), written documents, photos, voice instructions, audio and much more. You can also organize and access it on all your devices (both Windows and Mac iOS).

Like Dropbox, Evernote is free to users, but you can upgrade to a Premium account for $5 a month. Multi-person businesses can also use Evernote ($10/month for each user), which allows co-workers to share and access information easily across the company, while maintaining ownership over who has access to what. Personally, I use Evernote for both personal and business use and will easily become part of your everyday syncing life.

3.       Kingsoft Office

Users can open, edit and save your Word, Excel and PowerPoint files all for the best price – FREE. It also integrates with your email and provides access to Google Drive and Dropbox. 

4.       Mint.com

Need access to all your accounting files on your smartphone? Mint has you covered. It also allows you to enter your expenses after you make your purchase. 

5.       Cisco WebEx Go-To-Meeting

Enjoy meetings from the comfort of anywhere. You can discuss, draw diagrams, exchange documents and screen share with participants anywhere (internet exists).

6.       Bump

Bumping is fun and convenient. You simple open Bump, select a file and then lightly bump your phone against your or friend/colleague’s phone. Automatic file transfer is definitely helpful when transferring business cards, contacts, documents, photos, etc. 

7.       Square Register

Need to accept payments on the go? Use Square Register to accept credit card payments at only 2.75% per transaction. This means you don’t need to have an account with a credit card provider (VISA, MasterCard, etc.) and you will always have your cash register with you.

8.       FreshBooks 

FreshBooks allows entrepreneurs to spend less time billing and more time working. The app offers mobile and online accounting software where users can track their time, send invoices, receive payments and create accounting reports. Also, you can brand your reports, see when invoices have been viewed by clients and set recurring invoices and automatic payments. After the 30 day free trial users can upgrade to a variety of accounts and features (ranging from $19.95-$39.95/month and 25-unlimited clients).

Happy App-ing!


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