Blog Marketing – 8 Quick Tips

Simply put if you don’t have a blog (or content strategy) you should. So start now.

Here are 8 your 8 quick blog marketing tips:

  1. Create Objectives for your blog that are scalable, measurable and align with your business needs and goals
  2. Profile your target audience and determine what type of blog and (ultimately what content) will attract them to read your posts. 
  3. Manage a budget that matches spend with benefit.
  4. Present a business case for blogging that is compelling to your company and management. A blog is a necessity for businesses that want to drive customer engagement, which should help your business case.
  5. Define your blog culture and manage who speaks and comments.
  6. Discover skilled (and creative) bloggers that can help increase the success of your blog. Look within your firm or contact outside industry experts for a guest blog opportunity. Win-win partnerships are great to pursue. 
  7. Build awareness of your blog and establish your thought leadership and online authority. Just like with all marketing channels, be sure to integrate your blog and promote it. 
  8. Track metrics that measure your ROI and define your success. Be sure to remember that it takes time and effort to make a blog successful – so stick with it.

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